Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AQTESOLV in Boston

Today marks the beginning of our three-day Advanced Aquifer Testing Techniques Featuring AQTESOLV: New Concepts, Field Methods and Data Analysis Procedures short course at the Waltham Wood Conference Center outside of Boston, MA. Presented in cooperation with the Midwest Geosciences Group, we have been offering this course every year since 2006. The course covers aquifer testing topics pertaining to slug tests and pumping tests. As part of each day's activities, course participants gain hands-on experience with the AQTESOLV software using data from real-life field investigations conducted in a variety of hydrogeologic settings.

Last year (2008) seemed to come and go very quickly owing to an extremely busy schedule! We presented our three-day aquifer testing course featuring AQTESOLV in San Antonio, TX to a large audience and also taught well-attended two-day seminars in Waterloo, ON, Canada as well as Ft. Collins, CO. A wonderfully exciting time for me was a three-week period in November and December 2008 when I traveled to Australia to participate in the instruction of short courses on fractured bedrock in Melbourne and Sydney.