Sunday, November 1, 2009

Groundwater Mounding

Upon its release in 2006, AQTESOLV/Pro v4.0 became the first aquifer testing software to feature groundwater mounding calculators that predict the transient rise and decay of the water table beneath rectangular and circular recharge areas (Hantush 1967). Using AQTESOLV, you may compute the maximum rise of the water table and generate contours of a groundwater mound with ease.

The example plot (above) shows a 3-D contour plot of a groundwater mound developed around a hypothetical rectangular recharge area. Applications for the groundwater mounding calculators in AQTESOLV include infiltration from septic systems and recharge from stormwater impoundments.

Visit the AQTESOLV web site for more information on the Hantush (1967) solutions for groundwater mounding prediction.