AQTESOLV - official website for AQTESOLV, the world's leading software for aquifer test analysis since 1989

Support - help center for AQTESOLV users

Knowledge Base - support FAQ for AQTESOLV

Aquifer Testing 101 - topics for beginning and advanced practitioners of aquifer testing (pumping tests, slug tests, constant-head tests and more)

Catalog of Derivative Plots - introduction to derivative analysis (for pumping test interpretation) and catalog of derivative signatures for various well/aquifer configurations and flow regimes

Reference List - extensive list of aquifer testing references including many PDFs

Hydraulic Properties - representative values of hydraulic conductivity, anisotropy, storativity, specific yield and porosity

Glossary - lexicon of aquifer testing terminology

Data Forms - examples of field data collection forms to use or modify for your next aquifer test

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