AQTEBLOG is authored by Glenn M. Duffield, president of HydroSOLVE, Inc. and developer of AQTESOLV. AQTESOLV is the world's leading software for the analysis of aquifer tests (pumping tests, slug tests and constant-head tests).

Established in 1995, HydroSOLVE specializes in

  • aquifer testing (design, performance and analysis)
  • groundwater modeling
  • software development
  • continuing education for groundwater professionals

Our flagship product is AQTESOLVAQTESOLV is industry-standard software for aquifer test analysis since 1989. As a matter of fact, AQTESOLV was voted the #1 pumping test software in a recent LinkedIn poll.

HydroSOLVE is a leader in the presentation of professional development courses (public and in-house) that focus on aquifer testing methods and analysis techniques. These courses are taught by Glenn and feature the use of AQTESOLV as a teaching and problem-solving tool.

Contact HydroSOLVE today to engage our expert consulting services on an hourly or project basis for the interpretation of aquifer test data; modeling of groundwater systems; and delivery of customized professional development/training seminars tailored to meet your needs.

HydroSOLVE, Inc.
2303 Horseferry Court
Reston, VA  20191 USA
Tel +1 (703) 264-9024
Fax +1 (209) 254-8831
Website: http://www.aqtesolv.com/

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