Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Enhancing Reliability of Slug Test Data Analysis

Data from an overdamped slug test in a well with a fully submerged screen (screen below water table) may exhibit a concave upward appearance on a plot of log normalized head vs. time. The curvature can make analysis by straight-line methods such as Bouwer and Rice (1976) somewhat ambiguous.
Analysis of slug test data using recommended normalized head range.
Butler (1998) suggests matching straight-line slug test solutions to data within recommended normalized head ranges to overcome ambiguity associated with slug test data curvature and thereby enhance the reliability of data analysis. AQTESOLV, advanced software for slug test analysis, includes the recommended normalized head ranges to assist you with visual curve matching.

Learn more about recommended normalized head ranges and slug testing in Aquifer Testing 101 at the AQTESOLV web site.