Saturday, April 21, 2007

Horizontal Wells in AQTESOLV

One of the new features introduced in AQTESOLV/Pro v4.0 is a solution for a pumping test conducted in an anisotropic confined aquifer with a horizontal well (Daviau et al. 1985). With this solution, you may analyze drawdown data from fully or partially penetrating observation wells to determine the following aquifer properties: T (transmissivity), S (storativity) and Kz/Kr (hydraulic conductivity anisotropy ratio).

The horizontal well solution in AQTESOLV has been benchmarked against published well function values (Clonts and Ramey 1986) as shown in the accompanying figure.

AQTESOLV provides options for uniform-flux and infinite-conductivity conditions at the horizontal well as well as variable rates, recovery, multiple horizontal wells and multiple observation wells.

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