Sunday, December 9, 2007

NGWA Expo in Orlando

On Thursday, December 6, I swooped into Orlando, FL for a brief visit to the 2007 NGWA Ground Water Expo held at the Orlando County Convention Center. In the afternoon, I gave an invited oral presentation entitled Aquifer Test Analysis: A Modern Approach as part of a special technical session on "Advances in the Water Well Industry Over the Past 20 Years" moderated by Bob Sterrett and John Jansen.

In my talk, I emphasized the important role of specialized computer software such as AQTESOLV in the analysis of aquifer test data. Particular advantages of computer-assisted analysis over traditional methods of interpretation include diagnostic tools (diagnostic flow plots and derivative analysis); choice of curve matching method (visual and automatic); and statistical methods for interpreting results. In addition, the most recently published mathematical solutions are simply not well suited to graphical analysis using type curve techniques due to the large number of type curves required for their application. Consequently, a modern approach to aquifer test analysis takes advantage of the power afforded by today’s specialized software.

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