Monday, March 19, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

This entry comes to you from sunny Las Vegas where for the next three days I'll be participating in a short course entitled "Improving Hydrogeologic Analysis of Fractured Bedrock Systems" being held at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

The course, organized by the Midwest Geosciences Group, is a series of lectures and workshops intended to improve hydrogeologic analysis, enhance field observations and reduce uncertainty in projects involving fractured bedrock systems.

My contribution to the course includes presentations on the physics of fluid flow in fractured media, methods for analyzing aquifer tests in fractured rock and analysis of single-well tests as applied to fractured media.

In addition to myself, instructors for the course are Ken Bradbury (above), Maureen Muldoon, Chris Mulry, Dan Kelleher and Paul Kesich.

A highlight of the course is a trip inside the proposed Yucca Mountain repository on Wednesday. It promises to be an exciting three days!

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